Antenatal Clinic 

Our midwife is here every Thursday.  For new bookings your appointment will be face to face, please call reception to book.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is for Type 2 Diabetics and is run by our Advanced Nurse Practitioner.  Patients are advised to attend at least once a year and will be contacted via the post of their next appointment.  Your letter will also contain blood test forms for you to arrange your test prior to attending the clinic.

INR Clinic (Anticoagulation)

INR Clinic is held on a Monday and Thursday.  Patients who are prescribed warfarin and DOAC/NOAC medication attend to check their INR and results are available immediately.  Testing is performed by our Health Care Assistants, and either a GP or our Advanced Nurse Practitioner will adjust the dose of the medication before the patient leaves the surgery.

Minor Surgery / Joint Injections 

The doctors are able to perform some minor surgical procedures in our dedicated clinics, for example excising small lumps and injecting some joints with steroids.  Once a GP has assessed you, you will be added to the waiting list and contacted when an appointment is available.

Asthmas Clinic


The practice nurses have specialist training in asthma management and can help with advice about inhalers and lifestyle.  

All asthmatic patients, especially children, should attend the clinic at least once a year.


Contraception Clinic

Dr Bamber will fit, check and remove coils and will insert or remove contraception implants.  You will need to see her personally first at a routine appointment to discuss your requirements.

Cervical Smear Tests

Once you receive a letter from Cervical Screening Wales informing you're due for a smear test please call us and book an appointment with one of our practice nurses.

Audiology Clinic

The audiology service is a health board run service and available to other GP practices within the local area.  We are limited to how many patients we can book in, but they offer hearing tests and wax removal.