Family and friends can be a great source of support:

  • as you prepare to quit.
  • once you've stopped smoking

No matter how long you've smoked, you'll have habits and routines that'll make quitting difficult. You might be used to:

  • going for a smoke break at a certain time
  • having a cigarette with your coffee
  • even just holding a cigarette in your hands

All of these things will have become part of your everyday life. In order to stop smoking successfully, you'll need help to change these routines. Friends and family can help in a number of ways.


Staying positive is key to quitting. Your family and friends can help by encouraging and supporting you. Having someone to listen or talk to is a great help.


Friends can help by suggesting rewards or treats when you've met your targets. They could join you in taking up a hobby or exercise. This will keep your mind and body active while distracting you from smoking.


Your friends and family can help to show you how far you've come. They can remind you of all the things you've gained by stopping smoking, like fresher breath and smoke free hair and clothes. Your new smoke-free home will be a more welcoming place for visitors without the risks of second-hand smoke.

Your friends and family can help by

  • praising you for what you've already achieved - whether that be a day, week or month smoke-free
  • encouraging you to keep going

The support and encouragement of others can make all the difference.

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