If you're aged 50 or over and live in Scotland, you can request a new or replacement home bowel screening kit.

You can either:

  • complete the form on this page
  • contact the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre.

Sometimes we may need to contact you directly before sending the bowel screening testing kit.

You can also provide a telephone number - landline or mobile.

Maximum of 35 characters

Maximum of 35 characters

dd/mm/yyyy (e.g 21/06/1996)

10-11 digit phone number or email address

Maximum of 50 characters

Maximum of 50 characters

Maximum of 50 characters

What happens next?

When you click ‘submit’ your request will be sent to the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre.

We'll need to check you live in Scotland and when your last test was carried out.

If you aren't eligible for a test, you'll be contacted by phone or email, or receive a letter.

A quick chat on the phone with one of our professional helpline advisors is usually best to sort out any potential issues quickly and privately.

The test kit

The test kit will arrive in a white envelope with the NHS Scotland logo.

Along with the test kit you will receive:

  • a leaflet about the bowel screening test
  • a letter explaining how to do the test
  • how to send the test back to us
  • how you'll get the results.

Read how to use the bowel screening test kit

Request a kit by phone or email

You can also ask for a test kit by contacting the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre:

If you can't reach a member of staff by phone, you can still order a test kit using the automated service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).

When asking for a kit, please give your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • contact details