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Local Area Coordination - Swansea

A Local Area Coordinator walks alongside you and your community while you:

  • Make new connections and  friends
  • Get involved in groups and activities
  • Overcome personal challenges
  • Get your voice heard by people in power and being involved in  improving public services
  • Make your contribution to your community
  • Think about what your good  life looks like

How does it work?

Anyone can meet with a Local Area Coordinator.

You could meet them in your local area or through an introduction from someone else.

You and your Local Area Coordinator will get to know each other on your terms, exploring your idea of a good life and plans to achieve it.

The amount of times you meet really depends on what you want to achieve.

They can help you to find out about your community and introduce you to friendly, helpful people within it.

They can help you explore and build on your strengths and can support you to share your skills and gifts with others. They can help you connect with formal services if that is what you feel you need.

Do they help groups too?

Local Area Coordinators are there for the whole community.

They can help local community groups to keep going and grow by introducing more people and supporting them with things like finding opportunities for funding.

Local Area Coordinators can also support people set up groups when someone has an idea to start something new.