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Healthy Living

healthy livingAs we develop this website we will be expanding on all the areas below to give help and advice. 

As doctors we recommend as the website to search for any medical conditions. This is the website that we use when we print out information for you in surgery.




Ten Top Tips to leading a healthier life..

1.Stop smoking. 
More and more people are managing to give up smoking and there is a huge amount of help available. You need will power to succeed but the health benefits are multiple however old you are. or phone 08000852219  

2.Eat well.
Veg Image 
You should have a healthy balanced diet including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
You should try and avoid eating saturated fats and food with a high salt and sugar content.

Look at  for information on the different food groups. Also see  and .

For advice on a good diet and some healthy recipes  

3.Move more.
CliffsPeople dread the Doctor saying “do more exercise”. Exercise doesn’t need to mean going to the gym or spending lots of money on equipment. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful (and hilly) area by the sea. There are lots of walks within the City, along the waterfront and of course just 20mins away is the Gower peninsula which is packed full of beaches and things to do. might give you some ideas. and are great websites that will give you some ideas of how to make some changes. If you are overweight and have a chronic medical condition you may be able to be referred by the Practice Nurses for “Positive Steps”

4.Eat less.
Most people need to reduce their portion size or swap bad carbs for good carbs. will help you find out more about this.

5.Eat breakfast.
This is the best way to start the day and choose your breakfast wisely. Choose a healthy, high fibre cereal, museli, granola or porridge that has lots of long acting carbohydrates in it rather than a high sugar cereal that will not fill you up. Eat it with fruit and yogurt to keep it interesting.  

6.Drink more water.
We all drink too much tea and coffee and it is important to keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day.  

7.Sleep well.
We all need different amounts of sleep but we must make sure we look after ourselves and get plenty of rest. If you have problems sleeping there is some good advice available:  

8.Drink less alcohol.
Don’t drink too much. There are recommended levels for men and women and it is not suggested that you drink more than this on a weekly basis. It is common to underestimate what you are drinking especially if you are drinking at home.  

We are all busy in our lives and taking some time out to relax is often the last thing we do as we are so busy. A walk, a good book, listening to music, a bubble bath, kicking a football in the park. What ever takes your fancy but  relaxation reduces tension and anxiety.  

10. SMILE.
It makes you and everyone around you feel better!